Europe Jazz Network

Vestnorsk jazzsenter er medlem i Europe Jazz Network

Europe Jazz Network (EJN) is a Europe-wide association of producers, presenters and supporting organisations who specialise in creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music created from a distinctly European perspective.

The membership includes 73 organisations (Festivals, clubs and concert venues, independent promoters, national organisations) in 23 European countries.

EJN exists to support the identity and diversity of jazz in Europe and broaden awareness of this vital area of music as a cultural and educational force.

EJN’s mission is to encourage, promote and support the development of the creative improvised musics of the European scene and to create opportunities for artists, organisers and audiences from the different countries to meet and communicate.
EJN believes that creative music contributes to social and emotional growth and economic prosperity. It is an invaluable channel for the process of inter-cultural dialogue, communication and collaboration. And music is a positive force for harmony and understanding between people from the diversity of cultures inherent in the European family.

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Fra forsiden


Håvard Ersland Trio

Neste Stamveg-turné er med en ung, fremadstormende piano-trio proppet med spilleglede, smittende entusiasme, sterke komposisjoner og musikalsk overskudd.


Martin Myhre Olsen & Bergen Big Band

Fredag 13. november kan du høre en hva en av landets mest spennende komponist, arrangør og saksofonist sammen med Bergen Big Band. USF Verftet, konsertstart: 21:00.

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